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PlumbingSEO.org is owned and operated by Reflective Dynamics, Inc.,  a company which specializes in providing high-value search engine optimization and content product services for companies and individuals. Reflective Dynamics, Inc. and Plumbing SEO were founded by Randy Ray and Michael Martinez.

Randy Ray, Plumbing SEORandy Ray has been involved with Internet marketing since 1999, when he helped manage the affiliate program for Hotels.com, one of the largest providers of hotel reservations in the travel space. Since 2003, Ray has managed his own network of Internet sites. He’s provided search engine optimization consulting for some of the largest and most competitive industries online, including the online poker niche. (He executed the search engine marketing strategy for PokerStars for almost two years.) He has a Literature degree from the University of North Texas.

Michael MartinezMichael Martinez has been building sites and managing search engine marketing campaigns for himself and other successful businesses for over 15 years. He writes about SEO Theory on one of the Internet’s most read and linked to search engine blogs. Martinez has also worked in computer programming and systems analysis. He has a Computer Science degree from Kennesaw State University.

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